Left or Right

A while ago i had the chance of visiting Auschwitz and earlier on i spoke with one of the remaining witnesses of the nazi holocaust, one of the few people that was in the Auschwitz concentration camp; Iby Knill.

I spoke with him for a few minutes and one of the things he said was:

When you get to the concentration camp, place yourself in the middle of the train rail. We were arriving in old wagons and once in there we came out and the first thing we saw was an SS official saying Left or Right to each one of us. We did not know but… left was dead and right was alive. I went right so i can talk about it. Was amazing to see how just one man killed so many people with just an indiscriminate word.



One thought on “Left or Right

  1. Wao!!! Que escalofriante! Debe de haber sido una experiencia demasiado traumatica ver lo fácil que es para un ser humano quitar vidas. Gracias por compartir. La verdad es que al ver la foto se me apretó el corazón imaginando la escena. Nice shot!

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