Thailand stories. Part 1

Phang Nga


In our visit to Thailand we spent a few days in the island of Koh Yao Yai. This island is quite separated from the tourists which makes it quite unique. You are able to get closer to the people, this people becomes nicer to you cause they don’t see you as a threat or a problem.

Getting involved in the culture of the place you visit is one of the best things about travelling. You get to know more and it helps you to open your mind, specially when it’s a humble culture.

We got to meet some of the locals and in this case i wanted to highlight the fishermen, or better said fisherwomen.

Phang Nga


Those women would start early in the day fishing little fish for the family, most of it would be sold in the markets.

Local fish

They will cover great distances fishing near the shore before they go back home. As the heat is quite strong, they put some hand made solar cream and would wear long clothes to protect themselves from the sun; they were wearing black gloves too!


Phang Nga


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