Concrete (or not) Jungle


Hong Kong Is such a diverse and colourful city. It’s very different to any other city and has a very unique vibe.

A few months ago we had the chance to visit this city and we decided to go to a place called lion’s peak – a mountain that faces the city. We had to climb the mountain first but as we planned it last minute (mistake) we didn’t take the best route.


Basically we went through a path that it has been closed for a few years so it’s not prepared for people to walk on it. We felt like in the jungle – humid, dense vegetation and animals around. At half way through we saw some “do not pass” signs but it was too late, just a few more minutes and we would reach the peak where we were expecting to see great views of HK.

I would recommend the spot as the views were stunning, for sure a must see if you come to HK. But make sure you take the easy (and legal) path!


2 thoughts on “Concrete (or not) Jungle

  1. There is a tram going up there… I guess that’s what you meant about easy and legal. Hehe But it’s not free. The night view is much better up there. It’s a cool place. 👍🏽👍🏽


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